Obese Inmates Sues Over Weight Loss

19-year-old Broderick Laswell was arrested in Benton County, Arkansas last September on a murder charge. He weighed 413 pounds at the time. Since then, he has lost 105 pounds, and is now suing his jailers for starving him.
According to the U.S. District Court complaint, an excerpt of which you'll find here, Laswell contends that he is being provided with so few calories that, about an hour after every meal, "my stomach starts to hurt and growl. I feel hungry again." This purported "lack of nutrition," Laswell claims, is reflected in miniscule biscuits and cake sizes, the small amount of chips accompanying sandwiches, and the occasional provision of "2 small cookies." And just in case anyone thought he was only concerned about junk food, the accused killer also complains about the "drizzle of dressing" placed on his "small side of lettuce."

Authorities report the jail food provides 2300-3000 calories a day. The Smoking Gun has a series of mug shots showing Laswell’s weight loss. Link

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They just don't want to have to shell out for a grand piano to bury him in when they do fry his sorry ass.

Maybe Jared from Subway should visit him.
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I agree with most of the posters here: lets turn our prisons into starvation camps!

Just think of all the benefits...
- starving people are weak - less fighting and less threat to the guards... also, they'll be easier to abuse!

- improper nutrition impairs brain function - keep them stupid! When they re-enter society they'll be easy to spot and easier to discriminate against.

- food cost money - reduce our taxes by 0.03%!!!! Yeah, that'll be an extra couple bucks in our pockets! Buy a latte with the savings!

- less food means less food preparation staff. Combined with the weakling prisoners we're sure to save even more money!

- prisoners will be less resistant to disease! Turn every prison-sentence into a death sentence: YAY! I hope none of the super-germs that will surely evolve make it outside the prison walls!

- While we're at it: eliminate medical care in prisons! Instead of nipping injuries and illnesses "in the bud" let them spread and fester until they reach epidemic levels. A yearly spray down with bleach (or perhaps a cheaper alternative) should suffice, after all, they're just prisoners.

I've never been there, but I bet it's not the country club some of you seem to think it is and I bet 99% of you wouldn't put your money where your mouth is.

How many of you would agree to spend a month in prison for $10,000? How-'bout-it: a whole month of relaxing in your cell, reading books, meeting new friends, and eating like a king for $10 grand? The potential for weight loss alone should make it worth it!
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this is just embarassing.. and i can't believe he thinks its a legitimate complaint. he could only be so lucky to lose weight due to his bad decision. yunno, i always wonder how cases like this actually make it into a courtroom. i would think that SOMEONE would say "dude.. come on. you were over 400lbs and you're losing weight. hunger happens. you will not likely turn to skin and bones while being here, if anything, you'll prove that you're really only half the man you thought you were."

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