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In school, it's all about fitting in. Attributes that set you apart from the rest bring ridicule and failure.

In the adult world, many of those same attributes suddenly have value. Those that stand apart from the rest are the ones who make a name for themselves and often do well for themselves.

But eyeliner? And that rediculous halloween costume? If he keeps it up, he'll be ridiculed or ignored his whole life. What a waste.
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Alternative download link: and click on the Quicktime downloadable

This is a reduced-size Quicktime movie
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I live in Oregon. Here, as in Washington state, there are laws that prevent clear-cutting within 100ft of a public road. The intent of the law was for asthetics from the driver's point of view -- nothing more.

I believe the law only applies to public land that is harvested under permit and fee. Privately owned land may not be subject to this law.

There's nothing wrong with clear-cutting a forest. Think of it like picking broccoli - only bigger, and you have to wait a lot longer for the crop. It's a truly renewable, sustainable resource.
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Here are some other pictures near the one in the post:
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I once sat in front of someone in a sold-out theater who had halitosis so bad I literally couldn't breath. I had to leave the show!

Maybe this is a message to the doorman to get his problem taken care of - which is something totally whithin in control.
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This is why I will never use an "adoption" agency ever again. Pets are considered personal property under the law, but when you go through an agency they typically don't release all rights to you as the new owner.

Instead of going through an agency, we recently took our chances bought two kittens at a pet store. Craigslist is another good way to find a pet without the strings of an agency.
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