NYC Doorman Suspended For Bad Breath

A Manhattan doorman, Jonah Seeman, who has been ushering tenants into a four-building complex for 40 years, was told not to come to work recently because of halitosis.

The Brooklyn resident, who supports his 81-year-old mother, has been suspended twice before for bad breath. Apartment dwellers at the Gracie Gardens complex expressed surprise over Seeman's suspension and came to his defense.

"His job, which he does well, is opening the door — not to be opening his mouth," said Adam Reingold.

Officials with Cooper Square Realty, the management company that oversees the property, did
not return calls seeking comments. But the company sent the doorman a letter dated Nov. 21, stating: "We can no longer tolerate the fact that you have severe breath odor while on duty."

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Source: Yahoo News

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One more comment. Please stop getting in an uproar about the down-trodded poor getting stepped on by the rich owners. First, he was suspended - not fired, so he just has to get his breath fixed and he can go back to work. Second, doormen in NYC aren't poor. They have a union and make a good wage, and in good buildings many make more than a $100K a year just in tips. No kidding.
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Most people don't know what really bad breath is like. It isn't like you have to even get near the person to smell it. When in school five other grad students and I shared a large room as an office. When one of the foreign students would arrive in the morning everyone had to leave within a couple of hours as the room gradually filled up with bad breath odor. Even the building's air handling system couldn't overcome it.
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f he has bad breath the residents shouldn't be kissing him.

He's bee doing this 40 years but bam out he goes!!

It seems that once again the wealthy can ride rough shod over the little guy.

Land of the free etc
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Maybe the Building needs to give this man DENTAL INSURANCE!!!?

What do the brain donors who live in this building think causes bad breath?

It comes from having BAD TEETH!

And bad teeth come from Growing up Poor in a country that doesn't that doesn't provide universal health care to all its people.

JEEZ-us Rich people are truly metal couch potatoes.
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