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"I really hope we don’t end up wearing corsets and full-length underwear again, though."

I know a few women that wear corsets regularly, so I don't think they'd mind that. Myself, I'd like to see men start wearing suits and hats more.
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Don't blame the unions. If it weren't for the unions forcing employers to pay a fair wage, most of us would be wishing for $3.50 an hour.

US automakers make lousy cars because it's the only way to maximize profits for their shareholders, something they are required by law as a publicly owned company to do. They can't legally cut into their margins, and their administration sure as hell won't cut into their multi-million dollar salaries.
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Here's a thought, why not just get rid of age limits all together and just punish abusers severely? As it is now the punishments don't fit the crimes. A little weed and you go to jail, yet drive drunk and you get a ticket and have to attend drivers school. I say drive drunk once, that's it you don't drive EVER AGAIN. Drunk/high in public, spent 3 days in jail. If you allow responsible use, and make life hell for abuser, people won't abuse. Plus just think of the career opportunities we'd open up as we stripped all people who lost their licenses to being above the legal limit. Plus public transportation could use the new customers.
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I have read a lot, and I mean a lot, 3 books or more a week for the last 20 years or so. And frankly I've read a bunch of "classics" that were awful. In fact, of all supposed great literature out there, IMHO 90% of it is twaddle. So sure there's a few "great" works that I'm probably missing out on by not having read them, but I'll take that chance since the majority of the ones I have read were terrible.
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It was 101 Dalmatians, there's no "O". I did the same thing.

Aside from my lousy spelling of Dalmatians, I only missed 2 others, 12 and 46, and I don't know if I should be proud, or sad that I'm such a geek.
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As Hank Hill says: "Taste the meat, not the heat." Get a gas grill, if you've been using one for years, all your food will taste burnt if you make a quick switch to charcoal. The difference is taste is purely subjective, some people like to taste their food, others like their food to taste like the product they cooked it on. Sometimes that can be a good thing. Most new gas grills have a smoking/charcoal tray, that lets you get the flavour of charcoal, without the frustrations related to cooking with it.
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Last season, they broke down the filming/practice schedule for the show.

Monday, learn group performance.
Tuesday, film show.
Wednesday, practice group for Thursdays live show.
Thursday, film show.
Friday, learn pairs' performance.
Saturday, practice.
Sunday, off.

So really they get two days to practice these extremely elaborate routines, with what little free time in between to steal away and practice.

Mary Murphy and Mia Michaels last season ruined the show for me, I've seen every show until this season, which I watched the try outs and finally said I'd had enough of those two annoyances and now I watch reruns of Family Guy. Maybe next season, I'll give it another go.
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You know, if someone were to take the time to solve a cube with the brilliant pseudopods watching, they'd probably be able to solve them after being shown how a few times.

That's how they learned to open bottles.
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"...it breaks [Granpa's] heart, that you'd ever steal [from Granpa]" Lessen learned? Don't steal from Granpa!

Seriously though, it's like when your parents say "I'm not mad, just dissapointed." For some people that is enough. But sadly kids and many adults today are simply sociopaths that have no sense of right or wrong, regardless of what lessons they were taught when little.

It's like the idea of a fair day's wage for a fair day's work. How many people, truthfully say they either earn every penny they work for, or that their employer pays them what their worth?

Ethics and morality are just too subjective in this world. What is good for one person, isn't necessarily good for another.
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