Which is Better: Charcoal or Gas Grill?

Dear Neatoramans: my trusty old gas grill has been having some trouble lately, so I'm mulling the decision to get another one to replace it. Should I go with gas and be better for the sake of the environment? Or go with flavor and buy a charcoal grill?

So. I've got a question for you: What do you prefer, a gas or a charcoal grill? And why?

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major diffrence you cant make BBQ
with gas because then its just grilling
if you want great taste and texture
you have to be willing to put the hard work in.
and well when using all those marinades and artiffical flavorings its just not the same.
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I used to sell bbq's at Home Despot:

Charcoal pollutes a lot and can't be used on balconies.

Gas avoids that 'electric' taste you get from broiling or frying.

Natural gas grills could be supplied from your composting toilet (kitchen and bath, special order)
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I prefer my Woodflame. It burns any hardwood. Four 2" cubes will cook eight hamburgers an 10 hot dogs. It uses a fan for a forge like effect. It cools off faster than either gas or charcoal. There is no ashes or propane tank to contend with either. I t is made in Montreal Qc. http//www.woodflame.com/
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someone mentioned the password login.. this may help-- unlike every other login on the internet, wordpress is case sensitive, so you if you have a bunch of letters in different cases, make sure you remember which ones because you have to type them all in the same way. same with the password. if you've already tried that, then yea. it needs a good fixin.

regarding the BBQ- if you're concerned about pollution, it really depends on how often you plan on using it. if you prefer charcoal but grill more than a couple times a week, you may want a gas grill instead. but if you don't grill that often, charcoal it up. it does taste better, even if it takes longer. but grilling isn't just a process of cooking meats, it adds to social atmosphere. there's nothing like a bunch of people standing around arguing over who's grilling techniques are better. no joke- it happens every time. even my boyfriend and i argue over who will cook the better meat. and i'm a vegetarian! charcoal does taste better. but if you go for the gas grill, make sure you're getting good cuts of meat. i mean, don't be afraid to spend some cash on it because you shouldn't HAVE to slather it all up with rubs and sauces and marinades.. those just cover up the taste of the meat. grilling is supposed to enhance the flavor of your meat, so don't mask it by covering it with sugary sauces. rubs are ok because they're just basic seasonings. organic and well-raised meats always taste better.. but i'm biased.
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"Should I go with gas and be better for the sake of the environment?"

Just for you know :
- Gas is a fossile energy which is adding C02 to the atmosphere.
- Charcoal is a renewable energy which is therefore not adding C02 to the atmosphere. (The wood it came from has teaken its carbon from the atmosphere).

So the choice is a no-brainer : charcoal, obviously.

And please buy local made charcoal and not charcoal brougth to you from the other side of the planet and possibly endangering gorillas !
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