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Ya, super cool. I wonder if it was a conscious decision of his to wear clothes that are complimentary (on the color wheel) to the background. Not belittling his talent, but it sure supports the illusion of him being animated.
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I have a chicken that lays HUGE eggs. Biggest chicken eggs I've ever seen. They have double yolks (i thought they might be triple) and you can't close an egg box over them. But before I had chickens I once bought a dozen eggs, all of which had double yolks. I figured who ever packed them was playing a practical joke.
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It's an alternate movie poster for 'Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park". Shown in the foreground is Paul Stanley as Starchild and Peter Criss as Catman. HC2A is Kiss code for the song, "Hooked on Rock 'N' Roll".

(I Overate. Large)
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She's amazing! I am inspired by her to celebrate pi day by not baking a cake. Also, in response to Xayzer's ennui regarding pi: Pi is incredible when you think about it, the diameter of a circle divided into the circumference = infinity? WTF?! If i was the mathematician who discovered infinity I think I might be in an insane asylum today. Pi can be viewed as the equation of all life's mysteries.
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"He was a tall, shambling gink with no chin. But to make up for it he had an adam's apple that looked like an elbow. A fine example of young louthood."

-Lawrence Sanders, Caper
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