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I don't know who these wimpy men are they surveyed. It's just common courtesy -- if someone gets to the door first, they should hold it for the next person. I work at a University, and there are lots of female students who take the stairs like I do, and they often hold the door for me when they're first to get to it. Who wouldn't do that? Somehow, my fragile male ego is intact.
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Wow, what a beautiful, amazing girl. I hope she does get to have and live her dreams. I hope this video helps the world see this insanity for what it is.
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You know what isn't new or creative? Being an old guy (and I am one), and complaining about today's music. His argument is "kids these days, they're not doing anything new. Why, back in my day...." EVERY generation makes that argument! There is so much innovation going on right now, it's scary. But there is a LOT more music being produced overall, so you have to seek it out! He obviously doesn't. Music (and the arts in general) evolves. There are very few instant innovations, and most of those involve technology. He talks about punk rock like it suddenly came out of nowhere. Maybe it got popular fast, but it's not like somebody just invented it! And then he goes on to pine about the past, that punkers were edgy because they couldn't play their instruments, but now they're good players. Guess what: that's INNOVATION! If it were stuck in the past, they'd all still be crappy players!

He cites uber-pop examples to make his point, like Lady Gaga. When has pop music ever been innovative??? He makes mention of dub-step as being innovative (basically, arguing against his own point), but then makes the CLASSIC old guy argument: it's not listenable! Hmm, what did so many people back in the 60's say about the Beatles: who can listen to that noise? Then, after he's done complaining about our obsession with the past, he goes on to talk about what he collects, and THE PAST. Arg.
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