Nada's Story

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Eleven-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal lives in Yemen. Nada was raised by an uncle, and didn't even see her parents for  years until she was of an age that men were willing to pay for her hand in marriage. She ran away from her parents' home when she found out she was contracted to be married. Rather than face kidnapping charges, the uncle went to the Ministry of the Interior’s family protection department. After an investigation, the parents relinquished Nada to her uncle's care. In this video, Nada vents her feelings about what she went through, and asks for the world to consider other girls in the same situation. Link  -via The Daily Dot

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John Bolton is listed on Memri's Board Of Advisors... along with other notable neo-cons. It might be more educational to read Memri-TV's Wikipedia article... note their mission statement change after 9/11/2001.

I don't believe the girl's story is misrepresented, but I've noted many inflammatory things lately coming from Memri-TV, and they've been accused of loose translations favorable to their view. Just making folks aware that Memri-TV has a dog in this hunt.
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Well, I looked up John Bolton, skimmed the long Wikipedia article, and couldn't figure out why you mentioned him (but I might have missed something). Does he own Memri TV? Is the news outlet with the linked article linked to either? There are plenty of other sources for the story, but only one video. Do you have any reason to believe that the story is misrepresented?
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I support this girl, and I don't like Islam... it's a pestilence on the planet. But everyone should know more about Memri TV... it's run by capital-Z Zionists... remember John Bolton? Religion's bad, m'kay?
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