Child Bride of Afghanistan

Photo: Stephanie Sinclair / NY Times

From a very interesting NY Times article by Barry Bearak and Stephanie Sinclair:

The drought has since passed, but the poverty remains, as does the widespread custom of early marriage. Some Afghans readily use their daughters to settle debts and assuage disputes. Polygamy is practiced. A man named Mohammed Fazal, 45, told Sinclair that village elders had urged him to take his second wife, 13-year-old Majabin, in lieu of money owed him by the girl's father. The two men had been gambling at cards while also ingesting opium and hashish. ...

On the day she witnessed the engagement party of 11-year-old Ghulam Haider to 40-year-old Faiz Mohammed, Sinclair discreetly took the girl aside. "What are you feeling today?" the photographer asked. "Nothing," the bewildered girl answered. "I do not know this man. What am I supposed to feel?"

And here I was thinking that we liberated Afghanistan. Silly me!

Link - via A Welsh View

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Those who take action against men who take young females of childbearing age as wives should be killed, and must be killed if any part of the world is to be maintained as safe for such men (and such men are good).

Women's rights has overtaken the world, and it does it through force: the jailing and murder (by police and law or by war). There is little men can do about this, they have no allies, even amongst other men... except to fight and die in the hope that they atleast will kill some of their enemies ... the enemies of all good men.

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Liberty (or let the world become nothing).
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I applaud the father for marrying off his 13 year old daughter to his friend.

Females gain the ability to have children usually at the age of 12, 13, or 14 years. Females should be married once they are able to have children.

As for those who will claim it's rape: in the Bible the punishment for the rape of an unmaried, unbetrhothed young maiden is for the man who seized her and had relations with her to marry her and not divorce her and pay her father some money (Dueteronomy 22.)

The Bible does not condemn rape unless the female is married (or will shortly be (betrothal didnt last more than a year, and usually the girl lived in her husband's house during that year.)) to a man.


I applaud the pashtuns and I hope that they spread their anti-feminist pro-men culture far and wide and that those who uphold pro-female anti-man culture fall.

An American Catholic who likes the Bible and the Old ways... and hates the new ways and all who condem men for living as all men wish.
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I suggest the best guidepost for any topic regarding human rights: IF any cultural custom physically or emotionally harms anyone, man, woman or child, then the culture should be overruled in favor of the individual who is being harmed. Every man, woman and child in the world should have the right to live in dignity, and without fear or physical harm. If a man's desire to marry a child harms that child, then the marriage should not occur. IF you are living in a country where cultural customs brings harm to anyone, you should stand up and fight against that custom. If enough people stand up for what is right, then change WILL come. If any person has any empathy for others, then you should stand up for the one being harmed. It's as simple as that. For one moment imagine any child being given to a stranger to do with her as he will. If you don't believe that these young girls hate what is being done to them, then one only has to look at the statistics. Females of all ages in Afghanistan are setting themselves on fire! They are perferring the flaming agony of death to the cruel and bitter lives they are living. Wake up and smell the smoke that is roiling from the bodies of your helpless women, and you might rethink this cruel custom of child brides! I do not make these statements as an American, but as a citizen of the world who weeps bitter tears at the thought of the lives so many women live. Jean Sasson
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child marriage's are NOT CULTURAL, young girls are sold as a means to feed the family, for money, to settle debts etc
i am originally from iran, although it is not common there, but i know about these marriage's .

there is a book with an in depth description about the lives of these girls and what they go through and why.

afghanistan is a poor country, most people are in poverty and will go to major lengths to feed their children.
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