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Good article. I've seen some of those films. I actually love the film "Pi", but I think their interpretation of it is incorrect. I know, you say above that there is no right or wrong, but I thought it was fairly obvious. The article says that it was just about chaos theory. Well, yeah, that's what the film IS about. It's the basis of the actual story. But that's not what it's "about", in other words, what the meaning is. The film is about the meaning of life, of the universe, of existence. It's asking the question "can God be found in numbers, and more importantly, should we even be looking?" It brings forth the idea that proving the existence of God may either cause the universe to be conscious, or for it to end.
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Oh, there is one on the air right now that really messes with me. It's called "LazyTown". Have you seen this? It's 3 real people (one being the villain, with creepy make-up and prosthetics of his own) interacting with puppets in this cartoon-y town. But the puppets have these weird dead eyes. It's super creepy, and I'm amazed it's been on as long as it has.
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Yes, let's taunt the baby animals who are frightened and jammed into a box that's too small! This isn't cute, it's sad. C'mon Neatorama, you're better than this.
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I remember that episode. God, those first two seasons were so great. They were totally off-the-wall. The 3rd season they forced John K. out, and it resorted to gross-out humor, and totally lost the cool weirdness. Oddly, John K. tried to do sort of a revival, something like "The Lost Episodes", with new artists. It was even worse! He talked about how they just did whatever weird thing they thought of in the original, but then just resorted to stupid fart and sex jokes. It's like he completely forgot about the original ideas.
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I don't know who these wimpy men are they surveyed. It's just common courtesy -- if someone gets to the door first, they should hold it for the next person. I work at a University, and there are lots of female students who take the stairs like I do, and they often hold the door for me when they're first to get to it. Who wouldn't do that? Somehow, my fragile male ego is intact.
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I love this! I'm always amazed at the diversity of creativity, and how everybody can interpret the same subject so differently. I submitted an entry of my own.
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Great ad. Weirdly, I literally did need to purchase a coaxial cable myself this past weekend, and did go to Rad Shack, and they DID have several lengths in stock. So, it ain't all just cell phones.
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