The 23 Weirdest Movies and What They Really Mean

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The normal can be boring sometimes. We have all done normal. We have all seen and heard and lived normal. What is great about movies is that sometimes they can transport us to the unexpected and nonsensical in ways our normal lives would not allow. Film is a vehicle, and in some great cases, you get in and have no idea where you are going. That can be the fun of surreal, strange, and dark movies. They are that ride to the bad part of town that you know better than to take in real life.

Yet sometimes, you can walk away from a twisted and surreal film quite unsure of what they were trying to tell or show you with their story. Thankfully, Total Film put together a stellar list of the 23 Weirdest Movies and What They Mean. Take, for example, Eraserhead (pictured above):

"Eraserhead is a murky excursion into fatherhood anxiety, post-nuclear nightmare and folksy Americana.

It’s also a self-referential wink at the idea of audience befuddlement: Henry’s final dissolution into the light is like losing one’s self in the film.

As Lynch claims, “I felt Eraserhead. I didn’t think it.”

With a piece like this, you get much deeper insight into some amazing films that may have left you a bit perplexed. Keep in mind, there is often no right or wrong in art. So if a theory on here counter-acts a theory you had about the same film, that doesn't mean your theory is wrong. This is art. There is no right or wrong. Only interpretation. 

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Good article. I've seen some of those films. I actually love the film "Pi", but I think their interpretation of it is incorrect. I know, you say above that there is no right or wrong, but I thought it was fairly obvious. The article says that it was just about chaos theory. Well, yeah, that's what the film IS about. It's the basis of the actual story. But that's not what it's "about", in other words, what the meaning is. The film is about the meaning of life, of the universe, of existence. It's asking the question "can God be found in numbers, and more importantly, should we even be looking?" It brings forth the idea that proving the existence of God may either cause the universe to be conscious, or for it to end.
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