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well the word IS officially out, that evolution is no longer doing its evolving thang. So if the INFOWEB is THE mega-gadget that will somehow be the next step, then perhaps we are all doomed.
The short span of technological evolution is our only hope luke skywalker. It's silly isn't it?

I can see another tee-shirt spoofing an Artificial Intellegence spawning another cybernetic caveman thats slightly a step ahead than our own.
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the picture provided is beautiful and odd, that it actually exists.
disturbing but not surprising that overcrowding and polution is intruding.
I am far from being in the ocean domain of the Kingman Reef.
if there is a "choke" as you guys quote, is there a "release"?
If one side of the balance is titled to the other side, doesnt this affect more than just the pretty party?so the little fish gain entry and bacteria takes over?
i'm not sure i quite understand.
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i think only formations on earth should be considered natural.

plus, most all of these look completely different from other angles and in 3 dimensions and the direction of the light pushing out different shadows.

camel rock in NM looks like a camel resting from any side.

a potato chip looks like abe lincoln. Natural formation?
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Well, I think its all bogus...and even if it isn't, so what. I saw on the tee-vee these authors explaining their point of view about M giving the pope "the bird". ,
What I think is more interesting than any kind of spite Mchelangelo might have expressed in his ceiling fresco, is that he created a giant skull out of his "last judgement" and I havent heard a word about that.

I dont know...It's all historically corny if you ask me.

The same hidden secrets have been placed on Vasari's pointed finger, of which, beneath lies The Battle of Anghiari.
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sneakers styled after a childkiller who was lynched by the parents and sent to a boiler room hell within children's dreams--to kill them as some sort of retribution for being lynched.
gotta luve em
I want sum!

the bottom of my soul is like stretched burnt flesh.
thank god this billion dollar corp. is highering cool kids to design their shoes, cause otherwise I wouldn't know what I shouldstand in line for and make my parents dish out the doe.
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I love rats, but i hate cats
so I should cancel out the difficulties that it takes for me to obtain liters of cat pee to spritz around the apartment and also to bathe myself in...just so that my pet rats adore me..
well..ok, theyr'e mice. But I refer to them as rats because it makes me sound cool.
damn asymetrc face and cat-pee body odor of mine..i am just not getting it.
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As a child in Tennessee, I once dug up whole a lot of sand dollars at the base of a tree in a yard on the block...I went to the bank and couldn't trade them in for sh*t.

the first is true/the latter,not.

Champs: possible pet carcass. Although, what kinda pet would be named Anthony?
Greg: a can of Schlitz? If it's that , then I'll give you my entire collection of movie star toenail clippings.

I think its a sacred boy scout virginity burial ?
I remember.
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NOW I know what all the broken mirrors meant and to think Ive been vain for all these years. Well, now that I am past my prime and just know learning that my asymetric face is equal to mother nature taking a crap, the rest of life for me should be bliss.
thanks a lot " Anthony Little of the University of Stirling, Scotland, and colleagues", if that's your real name.
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the fact that the guy dropped from a coventional 21century helicopter negates it to pure attention antics. If he made his "da Vinci parachute" and then dropped from his "da Vinci Helicopter" , I might be impressed---but only if he landed in a glass of water on a horse.
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