Facial Symmetry = Beauty = Good Genes?

It's long been known that an attractive face is highly symmetric - but now, Anthony Little of the University of Stirling, Scotland, and colleagues have gone one step further: they are attractive because they advertise genetic quality or fertility.

Using mug shots of Europeans, the Hadza of Tanzania, one of the last hunter gatherer cultures, and macaque monkeys, measurements were made and people were asked to judge the masculinity of the most and least symmetric pictures.

Whether a member of a troop or a tribe, symmetric males had more masculine facial proportions and symmetric females had more feminine facial proportions.

"In humans, if you look at female models, for example, they tend to be pretty symmetric and at the extremes of femininity," Dr Little says.

He adds "One good face trait deserves another - symmetric men and women appear to have other good face traits".

The findings back the claim that the masculinity/femininity of faces is linked with symmetry and hence advertise quality, that is good genes.

Biological quality can mean many things but as symmetry and femininity/masculinity arise during development then one explanation for the findings is that "both traits could advertise quality in terms of resistance to disease, or environmental stresses and that might mean people with these traits are healthier and live longer," says Dr Little.


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The only benefit facial or physical symmetry could get you into is nice spot on prime time in media and advertisement. Or perhaps cover of a fashion magazine Beauty and good genes don't seem to have any co relation if you look at it in real life. I don't consider the top billionaire men, or for that matter successful women to be pretty by any standards.Are all sports men beautiful? What about people with good IQs? Nor is physical beauty a guarantee of fertile and prosperous life. Infact, most of the pretty beauties out there suffer from genetic disorders leading from cancers to rare disorders. The longest living people on the planet come from a population group that might not be your typical eye candy as a whole. The only thing which beauty could be attributed to is randomness. Some features coming together in a good enough symmetry that is pleasing to the eye, and hence beauty. Our brain is just wired to process symmetry as beauty. We see faces in clouds. It responds to a pretty face , and an artistic painting, or scenery in the same way. Even that depends on whose brain you are talking about. Some brain might find attractiveness and affinity in something that is totally un-acceptable to another brain. As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover
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my face is asymetrical more then the avrage and so is my mother face, but i have being modeling and most of the blinde dates i had with guys wanted me and i have being told lots of times(rendomely) that im verry prerrt and i should be a model, i have a friend who told me im the best friend he had that is verry pretty , my mother been told that she is verry hot pretty and more so sorry this is bulshit i have seen guys with high symetrical face that are ugly,its not about symetrical its about the way your face build eyes lips and more.

if symetrical face is more atrractive then why 90% of the blinde dates i hade wanted me and why i have been told that i have amazing eyes nose lips face and so and that i am verry pretty\handsome\beautifull and that i should be a model?

im waiting for your answer.

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The symmetry is due to the tendency of growing things to aspire to grow such that it's proportions correlate to a ratio of 1:1.618. If this number looks familiar, it's called the "golden ratio" Makes sense that growing in a way that yields the highest correlation to the way that things "want" to grow would be perceived, as the most healthy... and therefore the most desirable.

Use your favorite search engine to do some research on the golden ratio and the beauty ratio.
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Alex - scientists have also known for decades that beauty = good genes and fertility.

L - a large part of what we consider "beauty" is youth. Even is a face is not all that attractive, if it's young, the person will be more fertile.
Other symbols of fertility/health in areas other than the face (in women) include a low waist/hip ratio, healthy weight, full breasts, and shiny hair.

Carl - Attractiveness in males is not as important, as status and fidelity is considered just as (or even more) desirable than genes by women. Maybe that's why asymmetrical male faces could be considered more attractive than asymmetrical female faces.

This is the evolutionary psychology perspective. Keep in mind that it focuses on the species as a whole rather than specific individuals.
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