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Geoduck is right, this would solve so many problems but mushrooms produce spores that can travel quite far, could you imagine what a mess north america would be in if all of our polyethelyne started rotting? I don't know much about PE, but apparently it is used as an electrical insulator among other things.
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Some of these were great...but putting a shower cap on your smoke detector? Not so brilliant.

Washing your computer keyboard in the dishwasher? Good luck.
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Neat video. I am okay with the "Since I don't know what it is, I'd rather not put it in my body" philosophy...because it's a personal choice (albeit one based in ignorance), but it drives me crazy when people use that logic to tell other people what they should or should not put into their bodies.
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also worth noting that a given spider has glands to product produce many different types of silk for different purposes. The radial threads of a web are not sticky, and those are what the spider walks on to avoid damaging it's own web.
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@Cat: If you touched the leads with a screwdriver and happened to be touched the screwdriver as well, you only got a small fraction of the jolt. Following the path of least resistance almost the entire jolt would have gone straight through the screwdriver itself.
It doesn't take complicated circuitry to kill.

Many people here have shocked themselves with cameras flashes , I've done it too, but the thing to keep in mind is that 300 volts through your finger or hand is not too dangerous, but think of how the muscles all the way up to your shoulder reacted. Then think of this taser being used by some kid on his friend's chest like the police would do. Then remember that the heart is a muscle.
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Tasers are carefully engineered with user safety and non-lethality in mind. This design provides enough current to potentially stop a heart.

The internet is free, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but I would have expected neatorama to be less irresponsible with the content they choose to link to.
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I'm pretty sure you could do this with many bees or wasps as long as you are gentle and there is no hive nearby.
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If a gambler starts with a finite amount of money, say 1000 dollars. If the gambler were to play on a 100% payback machine forever then one would expect their balance to climb and fall randomly forever...the only catch is that the machine has a much larger reserve. If the gambler is up to 10000 dollars, the game still goes on, but if the gambler ever hits 0 dollars they are done and the casino keeps everything.

Most casino games have paybacks in the high 90s, and can approach 100% with skilled players.
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definitely had worse than OE. Crest super is a 10% beer that makes OE seem pretty palatable by comparison.

I drink it once in a while to help me feel more sympathetic for hobos.
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