What's in a School Hamburger?

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There are a lot of things in there besides beef. But once they are explained, it makes sense to me. The water and soy flour are fillers that stretch the meat and makes it affordable. But they stretch it so far that all that other stuff needs to go in to make it resemble beef. Read the rest of the story at NPR. Link -via Breakfast Links

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Neat video. I am okay with the "Since I don't know what it is, I'd rather not put it in my body" philosophy...because it's a personal choice (albeit one based in ignorance), but it drives me crazy when people use that logic to tell other people what they should or should not put into their bodies.
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This was interesting to me, because I grew up in Fairfax County and knew the school burgers had significant soy content. I went vegetarian as a teen in the early 90s, and when Boca (soy) Burgers came out later in the decade, I tried one and couldn't finish it, because the soy flavor reminded me so strongly of the meat burgers I ate in elementary school. I always stuck with Gardenburger and Natural Touch.
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The same folks who vilify school lunches tend to be the ones who can afford to send their kids to class with a sack full of Whole Foods grub. It's not perfect, but it's also not much different that stuff that the local grocery...even Whole Foods...sells.
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"What's in a School Hamburger?"

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