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well, that's just silly. Far better to set up one's
arrows with solid fuel boosters(impact with string
sets off impact igniter) and fused anti-personnel
I prefer two spaces twixt my sentences,thank you!
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(Rumpole of the Bailey rises)
Your Lordship, I must ask that you recuse
your august self for hipness unbecoming a
member of the Judicial Branch...
(Rumpole sits)
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Wonder how many people will have
to be stricken horribly ill or
outright die before this practice
is stopped.
Yeah, you have plenty of oil, but
that won't keep the prices down.
Speculators will see to that. Aaand,
now you, your kids, and grandkids will
never, ever have clean drinking water.
And as always, have nice day....
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend, John.
Let's hope the whales (and the dolphins)
don't gang up and sue us in The Hague for
crimes against fishkind.
The mecha is all wrong! It should be a
millipede-type multilegged crawler shell
with the whale and a sac of oxygenated water
inside! And heavy gun turrents fore and aft,
crewed by humans! Kinda like an OGRE mk 12.
You can mail the royalty check tomorrow.
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Ain't nuthin' but a thang..
The Chinese have been drilling for
and using natural gas for at least a
thousand years. Bamboo piping to heat
homes and evaporate seawater for salt.
They even had a gas lantern for travelers.
Truly Neat Stuff
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Active Sound Suppression Systems
have been around for some time, but
they tend to be expensive and cumbersome.
Most are limited by the dynamic range of
both the mike and speaker, which would nix
your cell app, John.
The pro systems play back the noise 180deg
out of phase with the original, which gives
the damndest effect. You feel..something...
but hear almost nothing.
Perfect for industrial environments with
loud fans, etc.
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It doesn't span the water;
the water runs away from it.

There is a toll. You will pay.

It's constructed entirely of
his beard hair and is stronger
than steel.

Cars will stall, refusing to
sully the deck with their
worthless rubber.
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