SpeechJammer Stops People From Talking

You've got a cell phone jammer to jam those annoying people who talk loudly on their cell phones, but what about real life yakkers?

Enter Japan and this diabolical - or genius, your pick - invention of the SpeechJammer:

The design of the device is deceptively simple. It consists of a direction-sensitive microphone and a direction-sensitive speaker, a motherboard, a distance sensor and some relatively straightforward code. The concept is simple, too — it operates on the well-studied principle of delayed auditory feedback. By playing someone’s voice back to them, at a slight delay (around 200 milliseconds), you can jam a person’s speech.

Geeta Dayal of Wired has the story: Link | YouTube clip

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Active Sound Suppression Systems
have been around for some time, but
they tend to be expensive and cumbersome.
Most are limited by the dynamic range of
both the mike and speaker, which would nix
your cell app, John.
The pro systems play back the noise 180deg
out of phase with the original, which gives
the damndest effect. You feel..something...
but hear almost nothing.
Perfect for industrial environments with
loud fans, etc.
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texlenin: Active systems are pretty marginal, at best, and really only work with repetitive noise, like in a plane or an industrial environment. I have some headphone ones, and the effect feels more like your head is plugged up with a cold. I find the distraction to be as bad as having the noise.
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