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fnerg like fnarf?

anyway, are you colorblind? I ask only because I truly "see" one blue eyes. I had to copy the image into Paint and delete the red portions before I could believe it is grey.
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Just a Guy and Ted are correct (although Just a Guy is too mild, Ted too heated).

CSRs might have a thankless job, but the last thing they need is this guy calling them.

This guy thinking he's doing CSRs (customer service representatives) a favor is like handing out Betty Crocker Cookbooks to the homeless and believing you're doing them a great favor.

Plus, yeah, they can't even hang up on him or tell him why he's doing the opposite of making their day. Poor things.
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The concept doesn't bother me, nor does the execution or the pretiontion. I'm a smart girl but I don't really know which sin goes with which glass. Like a joke, if you have to struggle to get the meaning, it loses its appeal.
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I disagree with Bean. The repelling nature of his claim notwithstanding, think of the publicity this league will now receive! The story is great, attractive, and if anything it will be more beneficial than harmful.
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Either a miracle or a hoax. If was not a hoax, there is always the question of whether it was hyperscientific (beyond the realm of known science but not mystical) or mystical in nature.

The only thing it was definitely not is mental illness. Schizophrenia doesn't go away, and it's certainly not comparable to angels.
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