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I think that, ultimately, I would have lost contact with the people that say "happy birthday" on my wall, or comment on my status sometimes, long ago. They wouldn't call me, so I'm glad to have even this contact with them. I think you can take it too far, but ultimately, it's just another way to communicate with multiple people at once.
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This... this is satirical right? This is supposed to be funny? Oh God, it's serious??

My parents BOTH work, as LAWYERS (supposedly the rich bastards right?) and together they don't make $200,000... I don't think they even make $150,000. We consider ourselves well-off... really well-off.

People suck. This is what I've decided.
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Yeah, "ghetto" isn't racist... it's a style.

At least, that's what I learned living there. But whatever. I wouldn't go for it, but if it works for them, congratulations!
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I actually agree with the article.

Sometimes, there are just too many people in an area. They have to leave (migrate) to find food, or they'll die.

An interesting novel that touches on the topic of foreign aid gone wrong is "One Big Damn Puzzler" by John Harding, though it's set on an island, not in Africa.
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Ridiculous... I wonder what would happen if I wore my "I <3 Vaginas" (from the Vagina Monologues) tshirt into a federal building...

It's definitely more offensive.
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Aaah tiki face!

Also, I think the entries are kind of weird (on the actual blog). Selling a used Ralph Lauren polo shirt shouldn't require a paragraph about private schools and your fiance dying. I mean, great, put in at the end "Will help to pay for my daughter's private school education!" but don't try to guilt trip people into paying for a used polo. Eesh.
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Nissan took their stupid pill that morning.

"You know what wouldn't piss people in the Middle East off? Making fun of them! They always take jokes about their culture and religion so well!"
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