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thanks internet, you pretty much killed liking bacon. you can't simply enjoy bacon with knowing you're a part of the mouth breathing, "rickroll is ironically funny" thinking, unwashed idiots.
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"According to Oster (1970:83) 'Seeing Stars' is seeing phosphenes, an experience that can be induced by a blow on the head or by other mechanical means. A less violent procedure is to apply pressure to the eyeballs with the fingers. If, with the eyes closed, one gently touches the lid with the tip of a finger, a phosphene appears: a glowing circle or part of a circle, apparently about a quarter of an inch in diameter. The phosphene's location in the visual field is opposite the point the finger touches: at the outer edge of the field when the eyelid is touched near the nose, low in the field when the centre of the upper lid is touched. This is discussed in more detail by Walker (1981:142) when he describes all the methods by which phosphenes can be generated by pressure alone.

Increasing the pressure on the eyeball produces more dramatic phosphenes. One procedure is to apply the index fingers at the inner edge of the eyeballs and press in and toward the temples. The visual field lights up and then, as pressure is maintained for a few seconds, a scintillating design appears - a kind of checkerboard or shifting field of glowing dots, sometimes with elaborate substructures arrayed around a luminous centre. When the pressure is released, the checkerboard fades away, sometimes leaving the central luminosity. If the pressure is then renewed, a pattern of bright, irregular lines appears that resembles a system of blood vessels. When the pressure is again released, a fine filigree image appears and remains for some time. The checkerboard design is probably some manifestation of the orderliness of the neural network of the retina; it shifts in the visual field as the gaze is shifted. The filigree, on the other hand, may be generated farther along the visual pathway, since it remains stationary regardless of where one looks. However, there is a degree of individual sensitivity; some people can make phosphenes occur regularly with little provocation and after-images which last a long time, others cannot (Oster 1970:83-4; Brindley 1963).
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most fashion is stupid anyway..
if guidos can walk around being homoerotic oompa loompas then peeps who wear these suits are ok in my book.
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this probably means that they cancel eachother out and you have a 'normal' sex life.
either that or the nerds* you draw with are too scared to talk to you and you have a.. less sexy sex life..

I don't know for sure cuz
I'm a male art student and a nerd and ain't gettin' any..
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