Mess With Your Mind Without Drugs has a very cool chart detailing how to mess with your mind's perceptions, naturally. I think the most interesting one is definitely the first one. It tells you how to hallucinate with ping pong balls and a radio. If you'll excuse me, I need to go cut some ping pong balls in half and listen to static for the next hour or so.


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@edc, I've done that too and discovered it as a child. I found that just covering my eyes with my hands while eyes are closed were enough to see spinning checkerboards - but if I rubbed my eyes to I could see some interesting 'coronas' or clircles in addition. Not unlike an mp3 visualization program, only not to any music. :P

@ DylanDoom, I literally LOLed at visualizing that.
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Try this one : cross you index and your middle finger. Now close your eyes and rub the tip of your nose with the V shape that your fingers now form. You should feel 2 noses!
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