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A few more...

I think a neatozombie would be cool on a quest for brains to absorb the neat information and post it on neatorama.

NeatoNarwhal is just cute.

Neatolama was taken before a posted sorry about kramjam.
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Neatoad (It could be the toad of Neatorama posts past, because it sounds like neatoed.)
Neatotorpedo (could be used when delivering some explosive/shocking news)
Neatostiltskin (say his name three times and he won't disappear)
NeatObama (political stuff)
NeatOsama (Every character list needs a villain, but i don't know how I feel about placing neat in front of his name. Perhaps BeatOsama. It would work when rhyming, if one were inclined place the characters in verse)

What about the elephants on the turtle, they should be named.
Neaton (The dapper young lad ready to set out in the world, and would do so if not for the fact that the world was on his back.)
Neatelli ( Sweet younger sister of Neaton...And steve)
Neatillda ( She is the matriarch, and mother to all the other elephants)
And steve ( he will forever be know as "And steve" most find his personality lacking. He is always the last thought, and there is no uppercase in "steve" only the "And")
The NeatoTurtle doesn't know how the elephants made it onto her back, and thus always carries a startled surprised look when she ventures a peek.

by the by , what is the name of this little gremlin looking guy in the comment section?

One more...
Neatomama or Neat-Oh-Mama (Mrs Robinson-like and highly intelligent)
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Who would want a dildo made out of ice, won't it melt...Oh I see, it a crystal dildo... no its a virgin mary. Those crazy Romans and the subliminal religious idolatry. I'm sure one could really work one's self up to quit a religious fervor with this idol.
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you have to realize that all these stories predate disney. The princesses' roles where likely set long before woman's sufferage, never mind the feminist movement. So disney (in regular disney fashion) took stories that already existed and made it their own, within the original framework. Why doesn't Mr. Brunner consider characters like Wendy, or Mulan. or more modern disney female roles, like in pixar movies. Pixar's stories tend to be brand new and not recycled. So, females characters aren't held down by their pre-feminist/ woman's suffrage beginnings.
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@ gdw3
Adaption tends to take little time as it is a change in populations actions. ( that is: Colonialist adapted to the new england climate in a generation, by changing their actions)

Evolution takes generations and depends on the speed at which a species generates new generations. So ecoli will evolve faster than a Right Whale.

I don't think it's possible to say how we would have turned out if we imposed current policies and ideals on our past selves. One could argue if we had the feelings toward the whale as we do now we wouldn't have had appropriate lubrication for motors that drove the industrial revolution. But one could also argue that human are highly inventive and they would have developed other lubrication.
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Why is it endangered? Would the species die if we stopped killing it, or will it die off because it is unable to adapt. I would argue if a species is unable to fend for itself against natural forces (such as the forces pushing cheetahs to extinction), then it should be allowed to die off, but we should save a sample of it's population's DNA. If however the species is dieing off because we hunt it for food, then the species could still be saved by changing our diet.
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