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Long ago when the tin can was first invented people thought it a great idea. however no one had yet invented a good way of opening the can. This contraption is one of the first attempts at a can opener before we arrived at the one we all know and love.
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I grew up in a land far far away, in a country so different that it is hard to believe it exists on the same planet as the United States. My childhood home was Kempton Park, South Africa. Though, the land was dry and the seasons divided into two, a hot summer and mild winter, I was still a boy and as the old saying goes “boys will be boys.” As a boy I got into my fair share of trouble or as I knew it back then, Adventure, with a capital a. Adventure was something I sought, an object that was waiting just around the corner.
One of my grandest adventures started with an idea seeded in my head, by the planting of an Acorn tree on my front lawn. This tree stood about six foot tall, but given time it would one day be big enough to hold a tree house. The time needed for a six foot tree to grow was not understood by a 8 year old boy. So, I waited and became impatient. I was 9 when I decided I had enough. The Acorn tree had barely grown a foot. So, the choice was made to go outside my home to a nearby unused piece of land, which had many trees of adequate height. My recruited adventures and I explored every tree, and analyzed each for its strengths and weaknesses. We had found it, the perfect tree. It stood about 20 foot tall, and had a trunk that was big enough to hold me and my friends.
We didn't start building our tree house right away because of school, but we knew we had a one week break coming up. In the mean time we gathered wood, and nails. My father didn't want me using his new nails so I got some rusty bent out-of-shape nails, and with a hammer and cinder block I righted the nails' shape.
School was out and it was time to start building. Two days where spent hauling the wood, tools and nails, another two for building the platform. On the fifth day we enjoyed the platform we brought some food and drinks, and just relaxed. Someone, I'm not sure who, suggested we put up walls. So, on day six we attempted putting up walls, but with no knowledge of structure the walls fell down. On the seventh day we decided we didn't need walls anyway, and with that our tree house was built. Excited about the tree house and disappointed that school was starting the next day, we packed up the tools and went home.
None of us visited the our club house until the weekend. When we arrived, we found the charred and cremated remains of our week long Adventure in structural design. There was also a note, which was written in Afrikaans, when translated it read “What you are doing is trespassing. Don't let me catch you kids here, or else.” With that we left saddened. My friends and I still fantasized about a tree house, and though beaten we were not deterred because we always had the Acorn tree.
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