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Finally one that I know. It took me a few years, but I got it. It seems a little late though.

Its a pair of free mason peek-a-boo goggles. Created around the time the free masons went co-ed. The newly instated free mason females requested day care for their children, as it would be imprudent to participate in masonic rituals and global domination while making sure Jr. was taken care of. So these goggles were developed to keep jr occupied for hours on end. Based on the marking in the top right hand corner, these may be the very goggles used to entertain Chalsey Clinton, while her parents plotted the over throw of a number of small nation states.

Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton L black
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This is why I am suspicious of eye witness testimony. Sorry big foot, and UFO believers...eye witness means nothing. Now all we need is a study showing that people see what they want to see in images. That is, people will see UFOs in images of balloons, and Nessy when its a wave.

I love science, my other woman :)
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What happened to the the Neatorama Upcoming Queue?

I was looking for it...I wanted to post this http://www.hsus.org/press_and_publications/press_releases/toxoplamosis_linked_to.html

I thought it was cool and somewhat explains the webs fascination with LOL cats. The web is crazy!

I also read somewhere that rats who contract Toxoplasmosis lose there fear of cat urine. In fact they love the smell. This leads them to seek out cats and get eaten. I have a hypothesis...Some humans who contract Toxoplasmosis get manipulated by the parasite to like/love cats.

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/04/070403-cats-rats.html (here is the rat love urine link)
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