DIY Firefox Necklace

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I want this foxy necklace and Firefox isn't even my web browser! This video by Craft Magazine shows how to make your very own foxbling from a template designed by Tobias Leingruber. All you need are some basic jewelry making tools and (I suspect) a whole lot of manual dexterity.

Link - Via Laughing Squid

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Ok, I watched it. He forgot to mention something which might help you, good sir or madam, should you attempt this project.

The hole for the jump ring should be drilled prior to any of the cutting. Once you've cut away a lot of stuff, it's hard to secure the piece down to drill safely.

It's best to do that before you do any cutting. Metal pieces can be pretty dangerous if they get stuck to a drill and start spinning out of control.
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This looks like a bad idea. It is a pretty piece, I'll give you that. (I didn't watch the video, but I know my way around a jewler's workshop)

It just seems way too hazardous to wear. The fox tail is going to get caught on a LOT of stuff, and unless this is a very hearty material, it will bend pretty quickly with normal wear. Maybe as a wall hanging or something which isn't going to get beat up, this would be cool.
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What happened to the the Neatorama Upcoming Queue?

I was looking for it...I wanted to post this

I thought it was cool and somewhat explains the webs fascination with LOL cats. The web is crazy!

I also read somewhere that rats who contract Toxoplasmosis lose there fear of cat urine. In fact they love the smell. This leads them to seek out cats and get eaten. I have a hypothesis...Some humans who contract Toxoplasmosis get manipulated by the parasite to like/love cats. (here is the rat love urine link)
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