Sociological Deconstruction of the Disney Princesses

Image: Jeff Brunner

Jeff Brunner offers this scathing critique of the values that the Disney Princesses teach girls. At the link, you can view a response about what Disney teaches boys.

Link via Popped Culture

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I just have to laugh at those of you defending the "hard-working" aspects of these women....duh, hardworking in house-chores, another reason that these stories are showing stereo-typical attitudes towards women; not only should they be beautiful and sexual, they should know how to upkeep the home! Ridiculous what the stories imply, thank goodness anyone who watches these are too young to understand the underlying implications and by the time they are old enough to understand, they wont consider a fairy tale life-style the way to go!
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Okay but here is the thing, we as adults see that they are stories and that princes dont just pop out of no where and save the normal looking folks...but its true that LITTLE GIRLS are taking the wrong messages. Walt Disney was a high level Free Mason and a rasicst sob to boot. He knew that only having the most sexually pleasing women being saved by the man would lead young women to be easily swayed into harmful ways of changing their bodies like eating disorders. Not many young girls are going to relate to the large busted tiny waists and big sultry eyes of the princesses while being an undeveloped and confused child. while the guy who made this is a numskull and hasn't learned about photoshop yet its a valid point that LITTLE GIRLS (not you or I) are taking bad values away from those movies.
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I took a films and literature class once in which the professor chose the particular theme of fairy tales that had been made into Disney films. Disney definitely had a thing about mothers, as you'll see if you look at how few "classic" Disney films feature mothers.

And I agree, Belle was more than just her beauty. I was so happy when "Beauty and the Beast" came out, because not only had Disney come up with a film heroine who was bookish, but she had BROWN HAIR. (This is a big deal to a brown-eyed brunette who grew up surrounded by blonde, blue-eyed imagery)
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Are you guys seriously debating a picture that someone made in MS Paint? Get over it, folks. I saw this on 4chan a while back and thought to myself, "what a clever troll," and I moved on. There are WAY more important things out there than getting butthurt over which Disney princess isn't getting a fair shake.

Having just returned from a lengthy expedition to the land of chan, my immediate instinct is that "The man of the house" wasn't trolling but being sarcastic to make a point, and that "this matters" is reverse-trolling. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one, since the alternative is that he is very easily fooled.
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