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Oh, come on, it's a humidifier in shape of a cartoon character! How much better can it get?

It would look positively lovely next to my Scooby Doo popcorn popper =)
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That really is interesting how the presence or absence of an organic heart should figure so centrally into our idea of "personhood" ... uhm, not that it shouldn't, of course, but something about the notion of having a completely artificial heart IS somehow uniquely disturbing ... would she have felt as "fake" if she'd had, say, an artificial liver or mechanical kidneys?

(Total geek points to Carlos Mal for the Catwoman reference, btw - you made my day, man =)
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I've got a pair of the gloves myself and despite any odd stares they may win me, they are incredibly delightful. They really stave off that miserable stiffness that makes it so hard to type when your fingers are too cold. Now I just need the slippers to go along with them!
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I'm assuming the picture here isn't of Michael Minelli considering there's no "popped collar" going on there, but douchebag or not, is it actually legal to photograph strangers without their permission for the express purpose of publicly ridiculing them for profit? Right or wrong, that is still somewhat surprising to me ...
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Interesting article, although I wish they went into more detail about what makes commercial fishing so dangerous (does it mainly have to do with the risk of the boats sinking or is there something else going on?) - maybe I need to check out that 'Deadliest Catch' show, after all ...

(@ #5: why are statements in the post such as "Forbes looks at the 10 most dangerous jobs in the UNITED STATES" and "co-founder of Commercial Fishermen of America, a San Francisco-based nonprofit representing U.S. commercial fishermen" not "specific" enough for you?)
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Aww, I had a cage full of pet crickets there for a while - I'd been wandering through PetSmart and happened upon all those bags of live crickets they sell as food for other critters, and I think it took about 15 seconds of examining them and their cute little crickety faces before I was buying a bag o' bugs, a cricket cage, and a special jar of cricket food ... they were almost as much fun as an ant farm and they really COULD chow down when you fed them something they liked ...
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