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Back when I was living in Aurora, IL maybe 5 years ago, I was up late one night when the sky lit up in what I'd assumed must just be lightning; the next day I learned from news reports that it was actually a meteor landing a few towns over ... I'm STILL jealous it didn't land in MY backyard, darn it ...
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(Wow, even though I -am- one of those who are a little tired of all the bacon news, I've gotta say that that bacon-flavored popcorn idea is GOLD!)

The beer-corn, now, THAT disturbs me, it seems that its creator kind of missed the point as to just WHY those people were sneaking liquor into movie theaters if he thought it was because they just couldn't last 2 hours without the -flavor- of the drink - not to mention, vague, unspecified "beer" flavor sounds scary in much the same way as something labeled simply "meat"-flavored would ...
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Kind of an interesting study in what counts as "credible" news, imo ... there's no proof in poster #1 & 2's comments that that image was indeed tweaked, and no proof in the original post that it was genuine, but common sense makes me more inclined to believe the "it was tweaked" camp just the same ...

Eh, well, either way it's kind of neat to think that there COULD be a hot pink dolphin out there somewhere =)
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@ skidworth: You're in Columbia, SC? So am I - and while I would completely agree with you about Columbiana Center (actually I stay away from it because the whole area is TOO congested), I wonder if you've checked out Richland Mall lately - I was there this past Sunday and even after the stated opening time, of the woefully few stores still left only Barnes & Noble even bothered opening ... very eerie. As I recall, the last time I was at Dutch Square it was pretty darned empty, too. Those dying companies are definitely around, I think ...

(and I've just gotta say, of the companies on that yahoo list the only one I'd truly mourn would be Krispy Kreme; I don't go there often but man, there are some times you just NEED one of their doughnuts!)
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While in school at a place called Koda Junior High, I was in this animal welfare club that was always trying to raise funds for local animal shelters through selling candy and the like ... while at the time I didn't get WHY our faculty advisor had so strenuously done so, looking back on our inaugural meeting now I'm really glad she vetoed our idea of calling ourselves the Koda Kritter Klub ...

"Hello there! Would you like to buy some meltaway mints for the KKK?"
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"I’m not convinced that quality and Queuebot are mutually exclusive - so please give it some time."

That's certainly reasonable, and I wouldn't argue that Queuebot posts are necessarily of lower quality as a rule; it's just that with a limited amount of time to spend reading through blogs for fun I would prefer to at least have the -option- to only read the postings of 'official' bloggers. I just like having some means of divvying up my blog-reading time based on knowing whose blog posts I generally like or dislike. True, scrolling through Queuebot posts isn't a -hugely- onerous task, but it is one more thing I'd rather -not- take on if possible.

As you say, though, if offering a secondary, Queuebot-free page is technically out of reach at the moment that's understandable; I do hope that it can be placed high on the list of "Nice to Haves," though <=)
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It's great that you're continuing to work on the Queuebot functionality, but I would like to third Sidd and Cuimhne's sentiments about wanting a direct site-link that filtered out Queuebot posts. I do appreciate the desire to boost the number of posts the site offers per day, but personally I spend too much time here just reading the posts from official Neatorama posters as it is ... save me from having to filter through still -more- posts, please!
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Mmm, I wish the more "exotic" flavors were more readily available in the US - I've had red bean ones and the green tea ones before and they were -fantastic- ... the chocolate orange ones (if they're still available?) are insanely tasty, too, and even the apple ones weren't bad ...

Bah, we're being short changed here in the US!
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I liked the "Inspiration Soup" the best - in the grand scheme of things it didn't look half as horrifying as some of the other items in those cards, but you just can't beat a name like that ...
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I love fruitcake, that stuff is delicious and all too unfairly maligned. I brought one in for a social function the other day and only one other person besides me touched it - most everyone else admitted they had no idea what one tasted like, but were pretty sure they wouldn't like it ... fools!

They -do- offer a lot of opportunity for silliness, though, and that inflatable fruitcake is a great example =) Another bit of fruitcake humor that always makes me grin comes from this cartoon ("Ed, Edd n Eddy") where one of the characters once says something about how his family "parades" their "ancestral fruitcake" around every Christmas ... I keep trying to get that tradition established in my own family but nobody ever seems to go for it, alas!
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(Heehe, omgcommastfu, I'm not really "afraid" of feet but I can certainly share your disgust! Such foul, foul things ... *shudder*) I do have an actual phobia, though, too: Ever since I found my sister's goldfish dead when I was about 8, I've had a pretty intense case of ichthyophobia ... yeah, fear of fish =P Doesn't make going to the grocery store very fun what with the whole fish one tends to find at the meat counter, and I'm one of the (apparently few) native Floridians who doesn't think spending a day at the beach is a grand idea ...

You'd think a fear of fish could be easily avoided but that has not been the case - it's astounding where those things show up. Perhaps the most almost-unspeakable times was when I drove home once to find a half-eaten fish dead in the street outside our house - we lived on the water at the time, and apparently some raptor must have dropped its catch as it was flying away ... the car I drove at the time was a (cheap) convertible; I can only imagine what would've happened had I been driving underneath AS that danged bird dropped its fish ...
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