Beer + Popcorn = Pub Corn

I like beer, and I like popcorn, but I'm not sure I like the two of them together. As in, mixed together. University of Missouri senior Cary Silverman saw some kids sneaking liquor into a movie theater and a light bulb went off in his head: popcorn and alcohol hybrid! After some experimenting, he struck on the idea of making flavored coatings and brushing each piece of popcorn with it. As a result, you can now get beer, Pina Colada and Irish Creme-flavored popcorn. At least it's not bacon-flavored... I know some of us are getting a little overdosed on the bacon-flavored everything.

Link via Slashfood

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That makes a ton of sense to me! I spent some time in Buenos Aires, and popcorn was frequently out as a bar snack, like peanuts or pretzels might be served here in the US. It was a very tasty combo.
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(Wow, even though I -am- one of those who are a little tired of all the bacon news, I've gotta say that that bacon-flavored popcorn idea is GOLD!)

The beer-corn, now, THAT disturbs me, it seems that its creator kind of missed the point as to just WHY those people were sneaking liquor into movie theaters if he thought it was because they just couldn't last 2 hours without the -flavor- of the drink - not to mention, vague, unspecified "beer" flavor sounds scary in much the same way as something labeled simply "meat"-flavored would ...
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