The Kresmont Kiddie Kollege, AKA ... the KKK!

The Perplexikon, a blog dedicated to documenting the ortographic and linguistic phenomenon of intentional misspellings in brands, trademarks and companies, found this doozie of a school: the Kresmont Kiddie Kollege or ... the KKK! Now U know!

Link - via AQFL

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uhhh this is for shawna, the comment @ the bottom:
kreative, kute, and klue make kkk 2.........and the ppl of kresmont must b REAL idiots if they not only create a kkk in a black neighborhood but also have no sense of back off shawna!!!! oh and one more thing: BLACK SEGREGATION IS FUCKING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys have it GREAT!!!!!
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Yoo Hoo! For those of you who do know how to spell College correctly, you would also know a "Pun" when you see one. You know, --a play on words? The owner was being Kreative, and it was meant to be Kute so get a Klue. To dispel any racist rumors, this school is located in a predominantly black neighborhood and is black owned. While attending Kresmount in 1980 I learned Spanish, danced ballet as a Chinese geisha girl, and learned the Waltz. So the next time you have enough time to take a picture, try to stretch your curiosity beyond the sign. It may change your perspective. Peace and Blessings.

Kresmont Kiddie Kollege Alumni
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The most disturbing part about this is that the Krestmont Kiddie Kollege is in the heart of Sunnyside, a predominantly black neighborhood (~84%, according to Zipskinny).
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in carp (or karp) which is near Ottawa, Canada there is a company called Karson Kartage & Konstruction
Here is their logo:

they have been the butt of many KKK jokes.
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I live in Michigan and we have a posting at my college for a daycare called Kountry Kid Kare. I'm thinking, I'd never send my kids there (if I had any) because either they are super racist, or they are too dumb to figure out that their initials are KKK.
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