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Sir, language Nazi?
From the Merriam Webster on line dictionary:
Main Entry: 1 chuff
Pronunciation: \?ch?f\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English chuffe
Date: 15th century

Main Entry: 2 chuff
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: imitative
Date: 1914
: to produce noisy exhaust or exhalations : proceed or operate with chuffs

Main Entry: 3 chuff
Function: noun
Date: 1915
: the sound of noisy exhaust or exhalations

Gets on your exhalations?
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Let the fun begin. I'm going to crack a few cold ones and watch the bantering. Personally, I'll side with those folks who think this is funny. But not you, eh, Alex? Go ahead, take your best (s)wipe!
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So if the Speedbird pilot was 20 years old in `44, that would make him 84 years old today. I don't think BA would have someone that old piloting a 747. Plus, AndiB. is correct.
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C in NM, you, sir or madam, are the truly "informed". Two seconds of research in the Wiki will give you all the information you need about Russian ownership,and subsequent sale of Alaska, to the US. ("Russian America", you could look it up.) But, I guess since you are stuck in kindergarten for perpetuity, you wouldn't know actual things like, history.
Alison, thanks! :-)
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