The Holy Grail of Rock, "A Hard Day's Night" Chord, Solved by Math

Take that, sweet mystery of rock 'n roll. Math has just solved the Holy Grail of Rock: the mysterious "A Hard Day's Night" chord.

Dalhousie University math professor Jason Brown applied Fourier transform to solve the Beatles' riddle: there was a mystery piano!

... the frequencies he found didn’t match the known instrumentation on the song. “George played a 12-string Rickenbacker, Lennon had his six string, Paul had his bass…none of them quite fit what I found,” he explains. “Then the solution hit me: it wasn’t just those instruments. There was a piano in there as well, and that accounted for the problematic frequencies.”


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The Holy Grail of Rock is the Big Bopper's casket, now available on eBay.

Let me get this straight - the music was recorded about 40 years ago; at least one of the band members are still alive; presumably, others who helped in the recording are still alive, as well. This is a mystery what instruments were used?
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It's like Guitar Magazine said, "A hijacked church bell announcing the party of the year", that chord. When you think about it, that makes sense. After that, the invasion began, and if it weren't for Motown, American music wouldn't have been played much on its own radio stations in '65.
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