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I read the same and agree with what you said. Being an artist myself the idea/design is the art. She is just the fabricator. I wonder how may people have actually contacted her to "commission' her?
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Usually on high rise buildings that have a brick veneer. The brick work is done before hand. Set in panels that are later put in place. Otherwise it would be too time consuming a process to laid the idividual bricks on site and the danger of loose fallingg bricks too much of a liability.
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This is so wrong. It isn't a that the animal is so self aware to be concerned one way or another about having a tattoo but is more about the owners ego. Their need to be in fashion with a current thrend. What's next piercings and subdermal implants?
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LOL! I wonder. Suppose that this hadn't been found now and remained in it's watery grave into the future. When someone digging up peat from this former pond might find this unusual artifact. Another ancient mystery to add to the list.
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I often wonder about some of the seemingly ridiculous warnings that they put on various products. Then I read about something like this and then fully understand that there are some people that actually do not have a clue about a lot of things. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the court room to hear her defense.
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