Cops vs. Krispy Kreme: Where's My Free Donuts?

A police officer in Brisbane, Australia, got into hot water for trying to claim ... free donuts from a local Krispy Kreme:

A Brisbane police officer got into a holey row with Krispy Kreme staff, demanding to be served free doughnuts.

Shocked customers looked on as the officer argued with staff for several minutes in a bid to get his freebies, before finally storming off - empty handed and non-cinnamon-fingered. [...]

As the icing on the cake, Krispy Kreme has now decided to stop supplying Brisbane police with leftover doughnuts.

Turns out, it was a simple misunderstanding:

Before the incident, officers had been regularly popping in to collect free boxes of leftover doughnuts at the store in nearby Albert St at the end of the day. Staff were unable to sell the doughnuts and were only too happy to oblige.

A police source said the officer had become confused and thought the free doughnut arrangement applied at all times. "Everyone's a bit annoyed because they were a nice treat at the end of the day with a coffee," he said.,27574,24988152-29277,00.html

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I don't know about Australia, but here in the states anyone in line when the donuts are coming out hot gets a free one. Who can drive by a Kripsy Kreme when the "hot" sign is on?

The only exception I've seen was the location in the Shops at Prudential mall in Boston. No free hot donuts. I guess everyone in the mall would stop in.
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Cop is in the wrong, here. If they're weren't going to give him a free doughnut, he should have stopped there, maybe talked it over with management later. He decided to take it further instead of spending his pocket change like everybody else. He disgraced hiumself and his fellow cops with his behaviour.
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Oh no, that's my city!

He shouldn't have just assumed that police got free food all the time, I mean, if someone brought a box into the office every afternoon, you'd think you'd make a connection that there's some kind of regular system in place. And working in fast food myself I know the last thing you want is someone who assumes they know exactly how everything works.
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How embarrassing. *facepalm* I am going to be a snob and say that things like this only ever happen in the Eastern States... But only because we don't have Krispy Kreme Western Australia.
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It takes one guy to ruin a good deal.

"now if only we could get this going in the states.
Discounts are understandable but free?" BartC3

The gas station down the way, has free donuts for law officers after 4pm. That is if there are any left though.
It is also kind of a trade off. The gas station is in a rural area, and the three different law agencies in the area often use the station as a place to do their "homework". It also keeps the station from being robbed.
Locals who patronize the station are also familiar with the officers and there is a sense of "family".

Donuts bring the community closer. :)
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