Urban Legend, Reality or Both? Amazing Collection of Hidden Vintage Cars Found

The story behind this saga of the mysterious old car collection is long, twisted and still uncertain. Some time ago someone anonymously posted pictures of dozens or more classic cars covered in dust and apparently hidden away in a barn.

As the story made its rounds of the internet speculation grew. The most credible-seeming story comes from someone who claims to have tracked down the owner - a retired businessman who kept the best cars from his car-sale days for himself.

While it would be nice to imagine that someone simply found this amazing stash of cars it is clear that such a thing does not simply assemble itself - so this story appears to make the most sense. But, to this day, no one really knows for sure.
Since I put up these pictures here at the beginning of February 2007, the story of the Portugese barn full of classic and not-so-classic cars seems to have taken on a life of its own. The interwebs have been abuzz with theories and somebody has even gone to the trouble of making up a story about it. Classic car lovers, treasure hunters and auction houses have all somehow contacted intuh.net in an effort to find out more. In order to stem the flow of e-mails and even telephone calls: here's all I know.


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Sorry, folks, my bad!

I just saw the brick walls, the dusted vintage cars and my mind linked to the sad fate of 'Museu do Automóvel', completely abandoned.

And I didn't notice the Portuguese license plates (completely different from Brazilian ones). Tks for calling my attention.

One such barns was too much for me; now there's two!
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Os edificios sao completamente differentes Tom Tamborda. The two collections bear only passing resemblance to one another. Nao tem placas de identificacao nem nada semelhante.

I'm a Datsun Z car nut myself and was hoping the photos showed the rims on that 240Z because the 1000 S30's that were shipped to Portugal had magnesium rims as standard equipment.

No doubt this collection will one day be unearthed again whenever the owner/interested parties decide.
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Just looked, those do look like the plates that were used in Portugal from 37-92

Brazil had some similar plates but they look more like the Portuguese ones.

At first I thought you meant the language on them was Portuguese which wouldnt prove much if it was in Brazil.
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@ Tom Taborda

Dude... don't say what you don't know... This barn is located in Portugal near Sintra, this came to surface around 2 years ago, it's nothing new to me.
Oh, and if you don't believe me, look at the license plates, they're all portuguese.

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