Japanese Cute Ambassadors

These three girls are the first official ambassadors of cute for Japan. In an effort to compete with China and other world super powers, Japan has decided to exploit their status as one of (if not the) cutest countries in the world. To reach this goal, they've hired the girls above. The one on the left is a school girl. The one on the right is a Japanese Lolita girl. The one in the middle makes up her own style, but has become a semi-celebrity in the trendy Harijuku district.

As fun as this idea is, do you really think cute ambassadors will help Japan compete in a world market?


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1) Fujioka Shizuka is NOT a school girl. She models for brands which sells school uniforms, which is, on it's own, a fashion in Japan.
2) Yu Kimura is a GAL model, she models for gyaru magazines, but also wears a lot of Spank clothing, she isn't 'mixing her own style', or 'creating her own style', she's PART of a HUGE fashion trend called 'gyaru'. Look it up.
3) Misako Aoki is a model who models for lolita brands such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

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The girl on the left, Fujioka Shizuka, is not a school girl. She's 21! According to several webpages she's acting and modeling, especially for expensive brands which are selling school uniforms. I didn't know anything about her before her becoming "cute ambassador". Same for the one in the middle. I guess that her style falls into a category of harajuku fashion which is called "spank". (Correct me if I'm mistaken, I don't know much about this style) For sure she's not the single one in Japan dressed like this. I know the Lolita girl, though. She's in every edition of the Gothic Lolita Bible.
According to the page of the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan the girls had been elected because they are playing leading roles in their own fashion sectors: Shizuka-school uniform fashion,Yu-Spank(?) fashion, Misako-Lolita fashion. Their looks weren't important at all. Japanese cuteness isn't about looks, at least not about looks as in our Western sense of the word. When talking about the Japanese sense of cuteness I got the following for an answer: "Not everybody can be beautiful, but everybody can be cute." I suppose that the Japanese sense of cuteness is a very diplomatic thing. ;)
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I'm guessing the people above who commented don't know who the hell these people are. I don't think these girls were chosen simply because they were 'Cute', but because they represented 3 different mainstreams of 'cuteness' in Japan.

The left one = the typical japanese school girl (although I'l admit her smile does kinda freak me out)
the middle one = the young fashionista who puts tgt her own coordinates. She may not be pretty or an artiste, but she's a harajuku celeb of some sorts. The Harajuku fashionista.
the right one = The Lolita. She's a popular model for the brand, Baby the Stars Shine Bright. & I do think she's really cute. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_9w7TaXJW_qM/Sa9aL2d_5JI/AAAAAAAAAnY/vTYscPZMRjM/s400/lolita.jpg

So its the Japanese School Girl, the Harajuku Fashionista and the Lolita. These 3 girls are simply the reps for these 3 groups of 'cuteness' in Japan.
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