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I always figured they felt pain. I Still eat quite a bit of shellfish. Mmm I LOVE dungeness crab (catch it ourselves locally).
Creatures suffer, what can you do? Starve? Go vegan? But there again, plants are living things too. Humans don't photosynthesize, we have to consume other living things to survive. I'll shed a tear over the next crab i eat, someone pass the butter please.
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Maybe prestige is like currency. Basic needs are provided for, but you're looked down on (or even perhaps ignored more or less) unless you try to better humanity. Your social ranking goes up (like money) when you try harder, perhaps driving these future star trek people to work more?
Think of it like our buddy the working canines out there. Herding dogs. True they get paid in kibble, but its more than that, that drives them to try harder. They desire approval.
Maybe it works something like that?
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Kinda sad that KFC won't offer to fix the roads just to be nice. Nooo, only if they can slap a greasy chicken logo on the work somewhere. If I was a rival and had money to blow, I'd offer to repair for free with no strings attached. It would be good publicity and make you look better than KFC.

Popeyes? Chick-fil-A? Boston market? you guys out there?
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Interesting info, but would a parent use such knowledge in a way that would help their childs development, or would they mean well yet hinder a child's development? If you KNEW this was how a toddler interpreted the world, would you still try to get them to remember things ahead of time (helping them develop such skills) or would you just cater to their way of thinking?
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Wonder how much $$ is going into recreating this scent.
Damnit people, ancient egyptian purfume is IMPORTANT!
We must throw money at this!
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OMG this is so sexy, I want to have babies with saggy butt Jean guys!!

No... wait, Nope i don't.Neither do any of my friends. In fact, every girl I know hates that crap.

Food for thought.
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damn I knew I should have stocked up on gold when the crisis first started. I just couldn't convince my husband. -_-;

As for China, apparently their motto is: You can't beat them, but you can buy them outright.
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So every time they want to sell a back issue, they have to get the person to come in and lay down on the copy machine? :P
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There PETA goes again, getting attention in whatever fashion they can, even if its in disgust.

You want to get at PETA? Ignore them. That would make PETA cry.

Currently we're all just playing into their hand. YAY more attention for PETA.
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I love how parents feel like they have some sort of argument or foot to stand on in order to convince us about their hellspawn's actions. Your kid is being obnoxious, period. You made him/her that way by treating them like some rare coveted gem.
Don't make excuses for their behavior, deal with the monster you made.
There's a reason kids didn't bounce off the walls 50 years ago...its called discipline you might want to check into that.
The #1 parent excuse I hear all the time?
"You have to pick your battles"
WTF... no you don't. Control your brat, or your brat will manipulate you to get rewards for "behaving".
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Why do we even use lead anymore? I mean, yeah... its cheap/available... but surely the health risks aren't worth the price cut. Oh wait... thats right, money trumps life. Lol what was I thinking?
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I don't know what I was doing at the time, but wow...I never knew they blew up and defaced the giant Buddhas. How sad.
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If I lived in the good half of one of these houses, I'd break down a wall and use that other half if nobody was in it, then just pretend like it was always that way. :P
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Awh I have fond memories of when the Sci-fi channel was brand new. I was just a teen in 1992 visiting my grandparents for the summer. They had this MASSIVE sized dish satellite in the yard. The thing was expensive, and it got so many weird channels. All those channels didn't even come to our area for like another 3-4 years. I used to LOVE staying up all night watching the Sci-fi channel. That same summer, we went to a fleamarket and I got a big box full of old Asimov science fiction magazines (from the 80's)for like $2 too. I was probably the nerdiest girl alive that year, but it was a great time.

Bye bye scifi, you've been cool but dying for a while now. Hello Syfy. I assume you'll be as retarded as you sound.
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Gah... I'm a lil sensitive to the suffering of others and hate it when theres no warning before tossing up gory a picture like this. :( Just because theres no blood showing, dosn't mean its not horrible.
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Huh...? These girls are not cute. They're borderline odd looking. There are FAR more attractive Japanese gals out there. That chick in the middle is weirding me out, and agree with what Tylerp else said, the one on the left looks like a Gelfling from Dark Crystal. The one on the right looks ok, but very plain.
Whoever picked these three needs to try again.
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Ppshh... hardly a challenge if you're like me and can only be bothered to eat something when your stomach says "feed me now or suffer cramping!" (so about once a day...when/if I finally cave in.) My typical day consists of decaf Coffee/tea throughout the day, and a meal in the evening.
I know its not healthy blah blah... still, its effectively cheap and I'm thin. :) I work at a computer most of the day, so I don't NEED a lot of calories. Its a hassle anyway.
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I cut open my lotion bottles, because the manufacturer (Olay) is an ass, and wants us to toss out a good portion so we buy more faster. I use the regenerist eyecream which comes in a scrawny itty-bitty container to begin with, and then stops pumping out lotion when there's still about a fifth or so left in the bottle. Grr.
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My thoughts exactly. Nice mashup. it fits the animation well, but man... getting soooooooo tired of hearing that song.
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Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of "bad things happening to kitty on teh interwebz" lately?
First there was that kenny glenn cat abuser who posted on youtube, then the kitten in a bong, and now the tatoo'ed cat. Whats next?
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Ah gawtz tuh feed muh babeeee, everbody mooove outta dah way for me! I ahm duh Queeen of deh universe. Yur rules dun apply tuh me. I am magicalz and I have the powah that will keeps muh babeee safe in ahn ax-i dent. kay?
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heh you know its a good illusion when it sends little kids into a panic and they scatter. :P

That is really cool, they should give the actor shoes with pop-out skates so he/she can go fast enough to chase people down on a whim. I imagine after a while the little kids would realize it can't move fast enough to get them.
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My bf once got a jaywalking ticket at a very VERY long road where the nearest intersection/light was the equivelant of 3 city blocks. Yes he would have to walk 6 blocks total to get across the road. (down the street, cross at intersection, back up street).
To top it off, the moron cop gave him another ticket for having an out of state licence, when we had JUST moved 3 days prior (my bf could have lied about having just moved, but he was honest and punished for it.)

Some cops just love to be morons.
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Ditto on loving quail. Mmm Saddest thing about a delicious well prepared quail? So..Darn...Tiny! The size is soo tiny you'd need like 4 of them to really feel full. But alas, thats just the way it is with most "gourmet" food. Rich on flavor and presentation, but itty bitty portions.
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