Pull Up Your Pants Day

Teachers Diana Carter and Dona McKenzie are fed up with their students wearing clown trousers - y'know, pants that sag to their bums - so they came up with this: "Pull Up Your Pants Day."

Following in the footsteps of President Obama, who last year told MTV that "brothers should pull up their pants," the school is encouraging kids to hide the underwear and hike up their trousers.

The day was devised by two teachers, Diana Carter and Dona McKenzie, who had become frustrated with the low-hanging look in the school's hallways. The two even managed to get a Pompano Beach Wal-Mart to donate belts for teachers to hand out to offenders.

"The young men need to be educated based upon where it originated from, which it came from our prisons," McKenzie said. "They need to be aware of how they're looking when they're out and walking around, how people perceive them."


(Photo: Eleventh Earl of Mar [Flickr])

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Yes, there should be a dress code. The dress code is that you should be WEARING pants. (Unless you chose to wear a skirt.)

If the waist line falls below your butt checks, you aren't wearing pants. They are pulled down and that is indecent exposure.

It's pretty simple.

A funny aside: we saw some boy wearing his long shorts like this and my 5 year old daughter said, "Mommy, why is that boy wearing a skirt". I couldn't stop laughing. Even she can see how stupid they look.
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What no one seems to realize is that, yes, sagging jeans ARE a prison look; but what no one tells the individuals that are rocking this look is that it is the look of the "prison bitch."
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hahaha and sorry one last thing. 'Apple shaped obese male' i have to say you have my respect and even thoiugh you wrote a long arse article it was pretty funny :-p you have changed my perception of 'obese' people well done!(really)
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hey ppl can i just say 1 thing...everyone on here needs to read up on their history because wearing your pants low actually originated many many years ago when black ppl used to be slaves. Their white owners would sexually abuse them and so as an act of defiance they used to walk around with their pants already down as if to say well just go ahead and do it to show that it di'dnt have an affect on them anymore. However there is no point talking about the origins of a modern day trend when very few people know the actual origins of it anyway. The fact of the matter is is that everyone should just mind their own business and if people want to wear their pants low then let them that's the beauty of being free, we can all choose to dress how we want.
p.s i know i've dragged on abit already but one last thing to say to ('Non'- food for thought) who cares what you think or your friends do you know everygirl in the world? no i dont think so so when you try using yourselves as a means of stopping people dressing however they want then you need to remind yourself that what you think is only an opinion don't try to pass it off as a representation of all women.
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