Explaining Twitter

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This 4-minute video from Current TV's SuperNews lampoons the Twitter phenomenon. Why would anyone want hourly updates on the mundane details of other people's lives? SuperNews explains.

Via Gavin Richardson

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Wow, so that's what I've been missing out on huh? A giant whale that punishes those who float in a specially delineated section of the troposphere then, huh?
Maybe someone will make a nice educational video like this to tell me how much I've missed out on by not having myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog of my own, EHarmony, etc... Until then I guess I'll just go on living a semblance of a life in the real world and occasionally distracting groups of neurons with the small online communities in which I take part.
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I use twitter to get updates from news sources like CNN Breaking News, CNet, and several tech blogs. This has worked out really well. They usually provide a link to a longer story, so if I am interested, I will click the link to go to their site.

I use the twitter fox application, so I can see the new tweets as they come in, even if I am not on twitter.com. This is a great way to see all of the information I am interested in, without spending time going to various different websites throughout the day.

I don't use twitter to read any personal updates. I have facebook for that.
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I'm actually a traveller from the 20th century...

I've just been stuck here in the 21st century for, oh, nine years or so, trying to find my way back.

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"Twitter, the new social media for the terminally stupid (which means anyone with a public education from the 1980’s on, probably qualifies)."

Kids these days. When I was their age, I blogged 12 miles in the snow every morning. And liked it!
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