Would You Take a Vacation to Afghanistan?

The Buddhas of Bamyan, the City of Screams, the Minarets of Ghazni, the Blue Mosque - these are just some of the incredible sites of Afghanistan.  Astonishing lakes, ancient destroyed cities and breathtaking landscapes may persuade you to think a little differently about this war torn but still spectacular country.  Perhaps in ten years we will talk about our visits to Afghanistan as casually as we do our vacations to Florida.

Although it is not considered safe for tourists at the moment, many look forward to being able to visit Afghanistan in the near future. Why? Take a look at some of the remarkable places you would be able to visit and decide for yourself. Would you take a vacation to Afghanistan?

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I spent April 2006 to June 2007 as an American Executive Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior and would return in a heartbeat. The people were welcoming, what I was able to see (Blue Mosque, the Bamiyan Buddhas, some lakes, etc) was beautiful. Their history is amazing and art quite beautiful. That said, having been both targeted and shot at, I think I will remain home for a bit.
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I am currently here in Afghanistan, and I can tell you it is pretty amazing, if you like nature and the outdoors its a real nice place, mountains, lakes, rivers, it just looks so cool, valleys with small villages and rivers flowing through them...the sad part is there has been a lot of littering around the u.s. bases...while in a convoy escorting some jinga trucks, even the drivers threw out water bottles onto the dirt road like it was nothing...it will take a long time to try to lift this country up to what it was back in the 60s and 70s.
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Friend of mine visited Afghanistan and Iran (he had a Afghani/British friend out there) a couple of years ago. Absolutely amazing places - geographically and socially. I edited his camcorder footage, which I'd link to some stills of if I still had a copy >_<
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Let me just mention that another incentive would be that Afghani women are considered one of the best looking in the world. Of course this depends upon whether the future will allow them to shed the burqa :)
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