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Its always cool when you guys give away stuff. However, I prefer back when it was based on comments, rather than the Upcomming Queue. I think it just encourages people to submit just about anything to the queue. But that's just my opinion; I could be wrong.
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Artificial Intelligence is a complex illusion. As one who studied and practiced it, I know this. Trust me, we have a long way to go before machines actually 'think'. As of now, human engineers and programmers are just very good at making machines that *appear* to think (even to other scientists).

The process in which AI works is different than normal progammed behavior, but they they are still only capeable of operating within the designed parameters. (and in cases like this one, those parameters are designed to have the machine come up with a hypothesis on a give problem, and experiment with it, etc.. Basically, it seems to run a simulation of the scientific method).

Knowing what I do, I'm not too concerned about AI going crazy. What may *actually* go awry are the organic computers, which utilize biological cells as their processors. Granted, I dont know much about these computers, but... any living stucture has a chance to adapt, evolve, mutuate.
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I probably would have helped, but one thing is bugging me, which is the letigiousness.

I've heard of cases where a bystander helps someone, and then gets sued for not helping them 'correctly'.
Now you can get sued for NOT helping someone? So, if basically, you can get sued if you do OR don't help, if you happen to be nearby. That's rather bothersome.
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lol@ Kalel

If in a place with no snow (or flooding for that matter), this would be a good wait to prevent theft.

Unless, I guess, the thieves figured out a way to hack the garage-raising signal.
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I found this idiotic. The gaming jokes make no sense. The isn't geek humor so much as it's humor that mocks an incorrect portrayal of (gaming) geeks. Such a satire could have been so much better (with the same premise) by someone who knew what they were mocking.
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"Poor Poor Knucklehead.
Throw away them fancy books you read.
They're what makes you wet the bed.
They're what makes you think you're dead.
My poor poor Knucklehead."

-Lullaby Baxter Trio.
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