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Wow she's good!

To Minnesotastan, people are funny nowadays. Anytime true talent is spotted early and developed, we look at it disapprovingly. At the same time we reward all sorts of mediocrity with undue praise.
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Uh, cannibalism is only common among lower vertebrates and invertebrates in the animal kingdom. Extreme circumstances aside (like starvation), I've never heard of dogs eating each other.
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Thank you! Finally, my suitemates and I aren't the only ones who think CNN is coming up with ridiculous headlines, making other countries look as archaic and illiterate as possible. I love the part in the video when they talk about how this part of India has no access to technology (actually not knowing what certain medical equipments are), and at the same time showing an Indian man taking a picture of the baby with his cell phone. To Dcer: better headlines? These are biased headlines that show what they want to think rather than report news. To Miss Cellania: Ever heard of something called the CNN Effect?

Worshiping my butt. Just because in some parts of the world they consider it more of a blessing than a freak occurrence does not mean they're worshiping this baby thinking that she's a goddess.

CNN might be better than Fox, but not by much.
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Sid Morrison, loosen your bones a little bit. Read his comment carefully and you'll see that he said nothing about government schools indoctrinating pupils to vote Republican. The fact that you were able to reinterpret and rephrase his ad lip comment into an argumentative statement with such, I reluctantly admit, eloquence, shows that you nitpick at people's every word, screening for anything that might rub you the wrong way. You are opinionated and back your quick judgments with figures you've picked up from here and there, but like I said, this is not the website for such. Try BBC or NY Times.
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People like Sid Morrison make me want to stop reading Neatorama altogether. Seriously Sid, if you are going to keep putting up comments like that I suggest you try or People come to this website to take a break from their stressful day, not to get involved in a controversial debate or get headaches from reading your passive-aggressive political ramblings.
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I know right? Sid Morrison must be at least 50 years old and still telling kids "Finish your food, there are people starving in China!" Time to wake up, those problems exists in all nations.
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Does that girl look like she was forced into it? Yeah yeah say its Chinese propaganda, but fact is Americans cuddle their children way to much; even camping requires the parents to haul half the house to a camping site, and then layer so much lotions and sprays on them that water will just kind of repel and flow around them when they swim. Gimme a break, your quick assumptions and dismissal only shows the extent to which you’ve come to accept the propagandas in this country without questioning.
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I agree with Denita TwoDragons. Maybe it's because my grandpa took my cousins and I camping in the wild mountains almost every weekend, but I never really thought these were things that only boys would enjoy. I grew up making mud tanks, catching bugs, roasting sweet potatoes in camping fires, and once playing hide and seek on a persimmon tree, which ended rather interestingly. Oh and on that very same trip my grandpa told us about how when he was a child and there was no food because of war, they would eat leaves and bugs. Hearing that, me and my cousins dared each other to eat grasshoppers we had roasted in the fire, lol. I was the only one who chickened out, which, come to think of it, is also funny because they said it tasted like chicken. :) I'm all nostalgic.

Anyway, I think I'll only get this book if I have only sons, because I wouldn't want my daughters to feel that they can't fool around and just be kids, or that they shouldn’t be interested in fishing or starting a camp fire. I would like them to be daring, ready to explore and resourceful. I encourage fathers out there to not treat their daughters like they are only interested in dolls and clothing. Growing up, I disliked getting new clothing every birthday while watching my male cousins get remote controlled cars, tanks and airplanes which they then remodeled. And even though I know how much my dad loves me, it always disheartened me a little and hurt me in some ways when he just assumed I wouldn’t be interested in things like electronics…
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we dont have the right to judge her and the media has no right to publish her private decision! besides, we only know his side of the story. maybe he's been a selfish brat to her all this life?
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