Sentenced to death by sister

Father-of-three Simon Pretty is likely to die from Leukaemia within months unless he receives a transplant. His sister Helen, 43, is a perfect match but he says she has turned down the chance to save his life. Link - via.

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It's simple: Nobody should be expected to sacrifice their bodily integrity for another person without their consent. Easy. It's a human rights issue. She has the right to say no.
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Has no one considered that the brother could have horribly mistreated his sister for his 43 years? Rape or molestation would certainly prevent me from wanting to help extend his life.
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it might not be neat, but it caught all of your attention. and it was thought provoking.
My mom died from cancer a few years ago, but I still don't think anyone should take anyones side on this article. We can wonder at someones actions, but maybe we should restrain ourselves from judging another humans decision when we so clearly do not have all the facts.
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I like Ali's 'accident' theory, but with a twist : she needs a kidney donor to survice the 'accident' ;)

hehehe giv'her some media cover

still not 'neat', but still worth it. :D
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This is incredible. How can anyone support her in a situation like that? Maybe he's not the best guy in the world. Maybe he's downright mean to her.

She can save his life, he is family. What else is there to say? Who here honestly wouldn't give marrow to their dying brother?

I guess I would understand if her borther's name were Adolf Hitler. Outside of that, she needs to get her a** down to the hospital and save her brother's life.

Most people would jump at the chance to save a life....especially when it's low risk and only causes some pain.
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