Miss South Carolina Answers a Question ...

Here's a viral video of Miss South Carolina answering a question ...

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Boing Boing

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OMG! Nervous? Sure. But aren't these girls supposed to be poised? It'd be nice if teens would pick up something to read besides People and In Style, or watched something other than MTV. These pageants supposedly showcase the "best of America." Lord help us...
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Sid Morrison, loosen your bones a little bit. Read his comment carefully and you'll see that he said nothing about government schools indoctrinating pupils to vote Republican. The fact that you were able to reinterpret and rephrase his ad lip comment into an argumentative statement with such, I reluctantly admit, eloquence, shows that you nitpick at people's every word, screening for anything that might rub you the wrong way. You are opinionated and back your quick judgments with figures you've picked up from here and there, but like I said, this is not the website for such. Try BBC or NY Times.
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you know, i think she gave a pretty good answer....to the extent that it accurately portrayed exactly what led to the 20% of children in the US to not be able to find their own country on the map...she didn't SAY the answer, she SHOWED it by conveying the product of it's source - america's education.
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