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The rabbit can't escape, it's distance to the edge of the pond is r, if the rabbit decides to bolt in the opposite direction creating the longest distance the agent would have to run then the agent would need to run a distance of pi (since the circumference of a circle is 2*pi*d, we halve this since the rabbit only needs to run the radius).

So if the rabbit needs to run a distance of r and the agent needs to run a distance pi*r, the agent needs to a run a distance that's greater by a factor of pi, since pi is 3.14, and the agent can run four times faster then the rabbit then the rabbit will always be caught.

By the same logic any agent that runs slower then a ratio of pi:1 will not be able to catch the rabbit if it takes off in the opposite direction.
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The C++ Picture is pretty lame.

The Molecular Biologist one is pretty lame as well. Those are the two I really wanted besides the statistics one.
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I invite all of the doomsday scenario mongers to do some independent research, genetic engineering has been criticized at every stage that it would lead to the destruction of humanity, decades later we're still here.
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Except that's a Holland Flag, running on a Mac.

Also, around here (Denver) you're expected to pay more for internet then you paid for your coffee, so about $5 for a little internet time, unless you go into one of the small (i.e. non-franchised) cafes.
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Could have been a little bit more classy if he decided to build the rumored black taj mahal.

I don't see how this is an "exact" copy either, many, many proportions are wrong, it really does look like a cheap copy.
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You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

Fiscal Conservative, Social Liberal

Answers to Your Missed Questions:

Question #7 - D. Gettysburg Address
Question #14 - B. stressed the sinfulness of all humanity
Question #17 - D. manmade satellite

Gah, can't believe I missed #14 & #17, went through too fast :P
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Wait, isn't the whole idea of Bullet Time to actually stop the action, if it wasn't for the silly actions this could have been easily achieved by using a regular camera going in a circle. Not impressed.
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It's not in the least, just that the "eco" prefix has become a meaningless buzz word applicable to everything from organic food to drilling for oil.
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