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Another 5 minute 24 second too long, trying to be funny mock rap video.
With the same loop playing in the background the whole time.
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I'm curious though. They're converting the brainwaves of what people are actually seeing into images. Wouldn't that be different from what our brains create in our dreams? Our eyes don't actively see our dreams, but the test subjects were actively looking at the images. I wonder if our brains translate images from our eye into brainwaves the same way as it translates imagined images.
Even if this only turned out to a visual thing, it's pretty amazing. Find a way to create the brainwaves and maybe we'll all have extra artificial eyes to perceive the world through. How trippy would that be. To experience the body from one side of the room, but visually perceive it from the other side. Or have multiple sets of eyes that you can switch between in different fixed locations. Weiiirdd..
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Too.. much... crochet exposure.. on the internet....
It was cool the first 3 times I saw it.
Now, unless it's the Statue of Liberty, I'm really not gonna be anywhere near excited.
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You're all so harsh.
The guy is having a good time and trying to spread it.
Personally, I think laughter and a thank you is worth a lot more than my company stat sheets and how much I get paid.
Analyzing this guy's character, how she responded, timetables, statistics, and everything else is really just proving that you can't be that guy. And that guy was just trying to be nice.
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I'm not posting a caption for this, because cats are overtaking neatorama. There's that other site for you to go to for this junk. Things here have always been so fantastic, and posts like these really bring down the quality content. Thanks!
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