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um id love to know why in the game there is palestine as the west bank its still part of israel we gave gaza to the "palestinians" see what they did with it so its kinda misleading the game
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i grew up tasting alcohol my father was having a beer he would let me sip it (im 19 and i brew my own beer) its not very hard anyone with half a brain can make their own beer at home so getting drunk without buying alcohol in a store isn't a problem i think the problem is people who grow up not having alcohol and then all of sudden in college they see alcohol lets binge that probly causes problems

theirs my 2 cents
ps i live in Israel and the drinking age is 18 there
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ok the comment about kosher phones was jsut stupid my sister has one the only difference between it and a regular phone is that it has no internet no text and no way of adding tunes to it so it basically is just a phones

i live in Israel and i have never heard of that newspaper the charedi (the ultra Orthodox) have alot of their own newspapers i just find it interesting to point out that neeman means honest or truthful kinda weird and whats yeted probably just some bad transliteration (btw i am orthodox jew)
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im also a Jew of sheknazi decent and number 23 commentator said quality over quantity i don't know where you live but where i grew up my family was considered small with only 5 kids i have friends who have 10 or 15 brothers and sister it could just be that i grew up in an orthodox community who knows?
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