Iranian TV Calls Harry Potter 'Zionist Plot'

If you can say nothing else about J.K. Rowling, it's that she really knows how to irritate religious people:

Iranian state television has come to the conclusion that Harry Potter is a Zionist plot. The documentary, which you can watch here, features several "experts" discussing the wildly popular series of books and movies.

One of the experts quoted in the documentary says that Harry Potter is part of a "cultural crusade" and through the movies "they [Zionists] are indirectly saying: 'join us.'"

Link - via twitter

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cobblers ,once again religion is the cause of another crackpot to come down hard on something which is utterly non-threatening .

maybe today is the wrong day to be saying this , but maybe another holocaust is needed , but this time all religions should ne wiped out ...

these people be they muslim,jew,catholic or protestant or whatever are causing wars fighting over whos god is better , when they are clearly deluded idiots who may as well be fighting over whos got the strongest imaginary friend

cull the idiocy and let mankind move without the shackles of faith holding us back
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Scooter: What Zionist thinks HP promotes Wicca?

Larfin: As crappy as Bush was, I don't think any members of his government ever came out against any piece of fiction.

Unlike our Iranian friends who have previously been enraged by the terrible influences of the likes of Tom and Jerry.

I would love to speak Farsi in order to be able to watch Iranian State TV.
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I find it funny that Iranians think HP promotes Zionism while Zionist think HP promotes Wicca while Wiccans say "Guys that Sh@t is fiction"

Saying Harry potter Promotes Wiccan beliefs is like saying Star Trek promoted Atheism.
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seekshelter:- You're not alone. My mum reckons our kids shouldn't be reading them. Me - I trust our kids to have some idea of what's real and what isn't.

To me the irony the believers in one set of one fictional stories complaining about another set of fictional stories is too much and I have to leave the room before I laugh too rudely.
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