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I have seen numbered spaces like that in apartment complexes. If the number under the car matches the apartment number of the car's owner, then it makes perfect sense that he or she may not have parked closest to where he or she was going, but rather in his or her assigned space.
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A quick correction: there is no refueling here. F1 hasn't allowed refueling during the race in several years. There were issues with drivers leaving the pits with the fuel hoses still in the car, which was deemed a safety hazard.

This year (2014) there is also a fuel limit of 100kg (about 30 gal), of which 1 kg has to remain in the fuel tank at the end of the race for testing purposes.

It's still impressive to change all four tires in 2 seconds.
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Some pills are designed to be able to be split, and they do sell pill splitters just for that purpose. My significant other has a prescription which requires her to split pills so designed (the pills come in splittable units of 1, 2, and 5, her prescription is for 8.5/day, so it requires multiple pills, some split).

Time-release or extended release pills, however, should not be split, for exactly the reason Jeff suggested. There are different extended release mechanisms, and splitting does different things to them. Dumping the entire dose at once is one potentially dangerous possibility.
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Swayze's out because of pancreatic cancer. But both Stewart and Star have significant home-court advantages. It would depend on the venue. If the fight is in Bikini Bottom, Star would win. If the fight were at Carnegie Hall, Stewart would win.
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I had hoped to never see one of these again. My ex-wife had one. It's a, ahem, "marital aid". Needless to say, it didn't aid my marriage (she's happy with it, though). I won't go into more details. It's too painful.

I Heart Maths (UK) 3XL
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I see it as a matter of formality. If I am writing a formal letter (which includes just about anything I'd send via postal mail), I'll include a formal salutation of "Dear " as well as a formal "Yours Sincerely" above my name at the bottom.

But that doesn't feel right for most emails, which are more structured around traditional "memos", with "To:" and "From:" at the top. I don't believe "Dear..." was standard on memos, and that carried over to electronic memos. "Dear ," feels stiff and redundant, as does the "Yours Sincerely" at the bottom.
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OK, if it doesn't like salt and that isn't it's tongue, then what's really going on?

Without eyes, and out of water, I didn't think it could detect the salt, so it's sticking out it's tongue-like-thing and pseudo-licking the table couldn't really be seeking the salt. But I'm unfamiliar with clam physiology to know what that thing really is, or why it would stick it out.
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According to the (reddited) USPPA web-site linked, the advisory with this picture was made in 2006. I don't know if GoPro cameras suitable for this existed at the time.
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There's no indication that Consumer Reports was testing local shop-made bagels -- nor that they were trying to.

I personally like the bagels made at my local bakery/bagel shop, but I can't buy them in stores across the country.

I haven't tried all the ones on the list of ones they did test, but I would have to agree with their top two choices: Dunkin' Donuts and Lenders Original are good bagels, for nationally available bagels.
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It's clear from the audio that this isn't her first ski jump; just her first ski jump this size. She asks about if it's faster, and takes solace in that although it's longer, it's "just a bigger 20". She is clearly comparing the jump to other jumps she's done.

I'll always think of your last link as "the agony of defeat".
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@GailPink: The sawfish are closely related to sharks, rays, and skates. The fin structure looks very shark-like; I had to look them up to verify that they weren't sharks.

Swordfish are a whole different kettle of fish (as it were), and these aren't swordfish.
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But when are you supposed to watch Episode I?

Sure, in Ep I Jar-Jar is a silly, stupid, addition, but in Ep II he plays a crucial role as a trusted advisor to Senator Amidala, easily duped by Palpatine into making the critical vote setting in motion the rest of the series. Ep I explains why Amidala trusts Jar-Jar, despite how stupid he is.
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