Sawfish in Action

Well, it's called a sawfish for a reason: Marine biologist Barbara Wueringer of University of Western Australia filmed a sawfish in action and saw (heh) that the fish wielded its saw like an expert swashbuckler!

Once the sawfish has found its target, it uses the ‘saw’ like a swordsman. It slashes at its victim with fast sideways swipes, either stunning it or impaling it upon the teeth. Sometimes, the slashes are powerful enough to cut a fish in half. Even less dramatic blows can knock a fish to the sea floor, and the sawfish pins it in place with its saw.

Link | YouTube Clip

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ummm, The shark was eating dead fish lying on the bottom of the tank. It didn't kill any fish with it's 'saw'. Didn't see anything like the description you made. Fail.
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@Sandyra: You weren’t watching closely enough. The sawfish made the slashing motions against a fish right at the start of the video. Also, it’s a Swordfish, not a shark.
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@GailPink: The sawfish are closely related to sharks, rays, and skates. The fin structure looks very shark-like; I had to look them up to verify that they weren't sharks.

Swordfish are a whole different kettle of fish (as it were), and these aren't swordfish.
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"Sawfish in Action"

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